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Xml messages

Details regarding the handling of xml messages used for the KDPW_TR service:
Description of KDPW_TR Functionalities

The documents present information about the following:

  • XML message structure
  • Namespaces
  • Headers
  • Used encoding mode
  • Correction and modification of reported data processing


Validation EMIR II table as of 30 April 2021
Diagrams of messages flows between Participants and KDPW_TR
Error codes generated by KDPW_TR
Maping of fields between trar.ins.001.04 and auth.rpt.001.01 messages

Description of Reconciliation of Details Reported to EMIR Trade Repository

List of XML messages used by KDPW_TR
Name Description Pdf Schema
admi.err.001.01  Formal error      
trar.ack.001.01  Report TR acceptance after formal check      
trar.ins.001.04  Trade Repository report      
trar.ins.002.04  Valuation report      
trar.ntf.001.01*  Trade Repository notification      
trar.ntf.001.02  Trade Repository notification      
trar.rcn.001.03  Report pairing or comparison failure message      
trar.rlt.001.01  Message used to define relations between RSE and RCs      
trar.rqs.001.03  Trade repository query message      
trar.str.001.01  Status of entity relations message      
trar.sts.001.02*  Trade Repository report status      
trar.sts.001.04  Trade Repository report status      
trar.sts.002.03  Message processing status      
trar.sts.003.02  Trade Repository report status      
* applies to reports submitted before November 2017, i.e. before the update of the technical standards, where the reporting entity has not updated the scope of data.

XML messages - archive

XML messages used in reporting trades via KDPW_CCP
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