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Standardisation of corporate action processing: payments

As part of KDPW’s efforts to develop and offer new services by standardising and automating the processing of corporate actions, including the implementation of information exchange under ISO 20022, we are gradually implementing modifications of our functionalities. We are currently running a project focused on the processing of payments from securities of domestic and foreign issuers.
We are planning in the first step to standardise and automate the following processes:
  • dividend cash payment – CA identifier: DVCA-MAND,
  • payment of income from closed-end investment funds without redemption of investment certificates – CA identifier: CAPG-MAND,
  • processing of tax certification – CA identifier: WTRC-Relief at Source,
  • processing of the tax identification of beneficial owners of securities using KDPW’s own messages (DSCL - Disclosure Instruction).
In the next step, the standardisation and automation of corporate actions involving payments from securities will include the processing of corporate actions in debt instruments. The implementation of modifications relating to corporate action processing under ISO 20022 covered by the project is mandatory for all KDPW Participants.
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