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KDPW requirements regarding Disclosure Responses

KDPW is ready to receive seev.047 messages, as a response to the request for shareholder identification, from intermediaries who are not KDPW participants, via SWIFTNet only. At present, KDPW does not use any other means or solutions for receiving such responses. Shareholder disclosure is a fully STP process in Poland, without any manual option to insert any data or changes to the data format.

Information regarding Responding Intermediary
According to the Table 2 of the Annex to Regulation 2018/1212, the only accepted identifiers for Responding Intermediary and Account Servicer are:
1. Responding Intermediary - LEI or a unique national registration number preceded by the country code
2. Securities account operator – LEI of the securities account operator
To simplify (or even make possible) the process of reconciliation of data received from two consecutive intermediaries in the chain of intermediaries, KDPW require to use of an LEI in both seev.047 message elements: <RspndgIntrmy> and <AcctSvcr>. The BIC code is not allowed by our system.

Guidelines of establishing RMA with KDPW in separated functional areas under SRD II
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