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About the service

KDPW is currently working on the implementation of a new service to enable voting at general meetings using electronic means - eVoting.

eVoting is the first of several services that KDPW will launch as part of the Blockchain Platform for the Capital Market planned for mid-2019. The availability of eVoting during general meetings will be optional for issuers, who will be able to access an internet application made available by KDPW for the purpose of communication with the central depository to provide issuers with a list of entitled holders of dematerialised bearer shares. At the same time, the application made available to issuers will be linked to an application for entitled shareholders authenticated within the system by registering rights on the basis of declarations designated by name, issued by KDPW participants, that relate to the right to attend a general meeting. The authentication of the entitled shareholder within the system will only take place when the entity managing the securities account sends supplementary information, as part of the list of entitled shareholders, on the entitled shareholder type (being a natural person or not), as well as information on the entitled shareholder’s email address.

changes to the manner in which lists of shareholders entitled to vote at general meetings are generated in connection with the planned launch of the eVoting service

Please send any questions related to the eVoting project to the following address:
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