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ISIN and CFI Numbering

KDPW acts as the National Numbering Agency and assigns ISIN and CFI codes to financial instruments under international standards

Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych is a National Numbering Agency (NNA) and as such it is authorised to assign ISIN codes (International Securities Identification Number) and CFI codes (Classification of Financial Instruments). The codes are assigned to financial instruments issued by KDPW members as well as non-members under separate agreements.

ISIN is a code used to identify securities and financial instruments. It is a unique identifier assigned under ISO6166 and the guidelines of the Association of National Numbering Agencies, of which KDPW is a member since 1994 and a National Numbering Agency since 1996.

The ISIN code of a financial instrument is a string of 12 characters and includes:

  • a two-letter country code under ISO3166;
  • a nine character alpha-numeric security identifier;
  • a check digit computed according to the decimal module under ISO6166.

Participants of the global capital market who use ISIN codes might encounter problems with quick identification of the type of instrument. For this reason, a uniform standard of classification of financial instruments has been developed. The CFI code classifies the type of security and is not a unique identifier. It is a string of six characters assigned under ISO10962.










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