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Reduction of Fees for General Meeting Services


The fee charged for the provision of information about persons eligible to participate in a general meeting has been reduced from PLN 2.5 thousand to PLN 2 thousand if the issuer accepts e-invoices from KDPW. The fee reduction is available from 1 May to 31 December 2018.


KDPW and KDPW_CCP have offered the option of electronic invoices to their counterparties for two years.


"With a view to the development of Poland’s capital market, KDPW pursues a price policy to ensure possibly lowest costs of market participation while maintaining the highest standards of security and quality of services offered to all types of customers. Looking at issuers, we waived the participation fee of PLN 4 thousand as of January 2018. Another part of our policy is the temporary reduction of fees for the provision of information about persons eligible to participate in general meetings to companies," said Michał Stępniewski, Vice-President of the KDPW Management Board.


"The fee reduction is addressed to issuers who accept e-invoices via channels of communication with KDPW. We launched this option two years ago but not all market participants have joined the system yet. In fact, 30 percent of the more than 1 thousand issuers we serve have accepted the option. The fee reduction is designed to support digital communication between public companies and the market," said Sławomir Panasiuk, Vice-President of the KDPW Management Board.


KDPW has for years promoted electronic solutions in all channels of communication with customers. The promotional fee reduction should encourage issuers to actively use e-invoices.


KDPW participates in the preparation and provision to issuers of lists of shareholders planning to participate in general meetings of public companies. The process is fully handled in a dedicated General Meeting app available on the KDPW website. KDPW provides ca. 1.5 thousand shareholder lists annually to companies holding annual and extraordinary meetings.



Year Number of provided shareholder lists
2018* 304
2017 1 417
2016 1 403
2015 1 425



* Data for 2018 as at 15 May

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