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Warsaw, 4 April 2019


KDPW Trade Repository Offers Fee Reductions


Annual fees charged to new clients of the KDPW Trade Repository who join KDPW_TR from 1 April to 31 December 2019 have been reduced by 60 percent on average. The reduction applies to all types of participation involving data reporting and data access.

The promotional annual fee charged to General Reporting Participants is EUR 3,488, which is 62 percent less than the regular fee. The fee charged to Ordinary Reporting Participants is reduced by 60 percent (promotional fee of EUR 930). The promotional fee charged to Individual Reporting Participants is 61 percent less than the regular fee (EUR 326).

The new fees are designed to attract new clients of services offered by KDPW_TR, particularly in view of the uncertainty around Brexit. Nine trade repositories have been registered in the European Union, including four in the UK.

Opłaty za uczestnictwo w KDPW_TR – opłaty regularne i promocyjne 

KDPW_TR has 254 participants from nine countries (Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, UK, Czech Republic, Estonia, Malta, Romania, Poland). The KDPW Trade Repository participants report on behalf of more than 25 thousand entities. More than 1.38 billion derivative trades have been reported to KDPW_TR since the launch of the service.

The obligation of reporting derivative transactions to a trade repository is imposed by the EU Regulation EMIR, which also sets standards for trade repositories and their registration. The trade repository operated by KDPW was registered by ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) on 7 November 2013 as one of the first four trade repositories registered in Europe. KDPW_TR is the only trade repository in the region. As a trade repository registered by ESMA, KDPW_TR can operate across the EU.

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