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KDPW as participant in international organisations and associations


ANNA - Association of National Numbering Agencies
ANNA is the Association of National Numbering Agencies, which assign ISIN codes to all securities in public trading. The mission of ANNA is to implement, promote and make available standards for financial instruments. ANNA Service Bureau (ASB) is responsible for maintaining a database of ISIN and CFI information of all member agencies.
ECSDA - European Central Securities Depositories Association

ECSDA, the European Central Securities Depositories Association, was established in 1997 in Madrid as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and the representation of common interests of the European CSD industry. ECSDA has 39 members (as at January 2018), consisting of CSDs from 35 European countries.


SMPG - Securities Market Practice Group

SMPG, the Securities Market Practice Group, was formed in July 1998. Its mission is to develop market standards and practices ensuring Straight-Through-Processing (STP) in clearing and settlement of securities and exercise of rights attached to securities both locally and internationally. SMPG operates in over 30 countries through National Market Practice Groups (NMPG).


ESA - European SWIFT Alliance

ESA, the European SWIFT Alliance, has members in countries using the SWIFT network. The mission of ESA is to exchange information and experience related to SWIFT strategic projects and support discussions on product positioning and development of standards.

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