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Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych S.A. (KDPW) is responsible for the settlement of transactions concluded on the regulated market and in ATS (alternative trading systems) and for the operation of the central securities depository.

In addition, KDPW provides many services to issuers including dividend payments to shareholders, assimilation, exchange, conversion and split of shares, and execution of subscription rights.

Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych was established as a stand-along company in 1994. Previously, from 1991, it was part of the Stock Exchange. KDPW shareholders holding equal stakes are: the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the National Bank of Poland, and the State Treasury.

The clearing house KDPW_CCP was spun off from the KDPW structure on 1 July 2011 as a result of the adopted and consistently pursued Strategy. KDPW_CCP is responsible for the clearing of transactions concluded on the regulated market and in the alternative trading system and the operation of a clearing guarantee system. These functions were performed by KDPW until 1 June 2011. KDPW_CCP is a company 100 percent owned by Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych. By establishing the clearing house on the Polish market, KDPW implemented the highest international standards and significantly strengthened the competitiveness of the Polish capital market.

An important function of KDPW on the capital market is to establish operational links which enable the settlement of transactions in foreign stocks dual-listed on the WSE. KDPW has the highest number of operational links among all central securities depositories in Central and Eastern Europe. KDPW currently operates 19 operational links with foreign depository institutions. The links established by KDPW enable the listing on the WSE of several dozen foreign companies from countries including Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Sweden, UK, USA.

From 2012 KDPW offers the trade repository service (KDPW_TR). The trade repository service is KDPW’s response to EMIR. The Regulation imposes among others the obligation of reporting all derivative contracts to a trade repository and lays down the operating rules for trade repositories. On 7th of November 2013 The European Securities Market Authority (ESMA) has registered the KDPW Trade Repository, confirming that it fulfils all trade repository requirements under EMIR. The KDPW Trade Repository (KDPW_TR) was one of the first four such institutions to be registered in Europe.

On 19 August 2013, KDPW has been assigned a prefix (2594) necessary to assign LEIs – legal entity identifiers. Under EMIR, a relevant identifier is necessary in order to report derivative trades to a trade repository. From 29 November 2013, identifiers under the LEI standard are available on the KDPW website. As a member of the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA), KDPW acts as an ISIN Numbering Agency. This means that KDPW is the only institution on the Polish market authorised to assign unique global identifiers to financial instruments.