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Welcome to KDPW EMIR Trade Repository

Processing reports
To launch the log-in option, click the Trade Repository banner.
Click Browse Data to get access to aggregate data of derivative contracts maintained in TR.

Test environment
The test environment can be used to understand the Trade Repository functions and their utilisation mode.

Click EDU button to access the test environment
which is a reflection of the functionalities of the production environment:

Click TST button to access the test environment 
 for new functionalities testing purposes


Single sign-on authentication (SSO)
In order to gain access to EMIR Trade Repository, an account has to be set up in the KDPW application and either a valid certificate needs to be migrated in the SSO system or an access request should be submitted.
This procedure is thoroughly described in the SSO user manual, which we kindly request you to read.

Access to the EMIR Trade Repository via the A2A interface:
Certification form A2A
Procedure of Handling Certificates for KDPW_TR (A2A)
MQ Configuration Parameters to KDPW_TR (A2A)
Revocation of KDPW_TR certificate (A2A)
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