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Xml messages

Details regarding the handling of xml messages used for the KDPW_TR service:
Description of KDPW_TR Functionalities

The documents present information about the following:

  • XML message structure
  • Namespaces
  • Headers
  • Used encoding mode
  • Correction and modification of reported data processing


Validation EMIR II table as of 30 April 2021
Diagrams of messages flows between Participants and KDPW_TR
Error codes generated by KDPW_TR
Maping of fields between trar.ins.001.04 and auth.rpt.001.01 messages

Description of Reconciliation of Details Reported to EMIR Trade Repository

List of XML messages used by KDPW_TR
Name Description Pdf Schema
trar.ins.001.04  Trade Repository report      
trar.ins.002.04  Valuation report      
trar.ntf.001.01*  Trade Repository notification      
trar.ntf.001.02  Trade Repository notification      
trar.rcn.001.03  Report pairing or comparison failure message      
trar.rlt.001.01**  Message used to define relations between RSE and RCs      
trar.rqs.001.03  Trade repository query message      
trar.str.001.01**  Status of entity relations message      
trar.sts.001.02*  Trade Repository report status      
trar.sts.001.04  Trade Repository report status      
trar.sts.002.03  Message processing status      
trar.sts.003.02  Trade Repository report status      
* applies to reports submitted before November 2017, i.e. before the update of the technical standards, where the reporting entity has not updated the scope of data.
** valid from 10/04/2021

XML messages - archive

XML messages used in reporting trades via KDPW_CCP
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