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KDPW EMIR Trade Repository - service description

EMIR Trade Repository – who are we?
KDPW (The Central Securities Depository of Poland) is one of the key infrastructure institutions of the Polish financial market. KDPW has more than 20 years of experience on the Polish capital market and offers a broad range of financial services to Polish and international clients. Our strengths include a range of complementary services, state-of-the-art technologies, as well as professional customer service which ensures customer satisfaction. Our clients include renown leading market players in many sectors of the economy. With its system resources, highly qualified experts and a broad range of innovative services, KDPW boasts a strong and independent position on the international financial market.

KDPWTrade Repository was one of the first trade repositories in Europe to be registered by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) in confirmation of compliance with all international standards which guarantee the highest quality of service.

KDPW EMIR Trade Repository has participated in the implementation of EMIR from the very beginning and is engaged in active dialogue with all market participants: regulators, other trade repositories, as well as reporting participants. KDPW aligns its services with the legal requirements and the ESMA guidelines and follows the needs of market players covered by the reporting obligation.

Our strengths:

  • secure certified access to the application,
  • user-friendly intuitive website interface with reporting functionalities and direct access to maintained data,
  • global communication standards: XML messages, dedicated message queues (MQ),
  • easy access to support of our highly qualified experts,
  • existing procedures applicable in the event of contingencies, solutions ensuring the highest security; standards and business continuity in data collection and maintenance (including a back-up site).

What do we offer?
KDPW EMIR Trade Repository offers the reporting of derivative trades via a user-friendly secure website interface or over automatic direct connections. Derivatives trades are reported in messages developed in line with the scope of information required under the EMIR
 Technical Standards.They include all data necessary for the Trade Repository to identify trades and process reports as required by ESMA.
Our online application supports the following functionalities:
  • reporting and modification of trades;
  • viewing and browsing reported data;
  • filtering and downloading reported data (export in *.xml, *.xlsx, *.csv format);
  • tracking the reporting process.

Contract types:

KDPW EMIR Trade Repository is authorised to accept reports for all classes of derivatives on all markets:
  • commodity derivatives (CO);
  • credit derivatives (CR);
  • currency derivatives (CU);
  • equity derivatives (EQ);
  • interest rate derivatives (IR);
  • other derivatives (OT).

KDPW EMIR Trade Repository participation types:
General Reporting Participant (GUR) is authorised to: 
  • report trades to the Trade Repository on its own behalf or on behalf of another counterparty, including contracts to which the participant is not a counterparty;
  • access data of derivatives trades reported by itself or to which it is a counterparty.
Ordinary Reporting Participant (ZUR) is authorised to:
  • report trades to the Trade Repository on its own behalf or on behalf of the other counterparty to it’s own trade;
  • access data of derivatives trades reported by itself or to which it is a counterparty.
Individual Reporting participant (IUR) is authorised to:
  • report trades to the Trade Repository only on its own behalf;
  • access data of derivative contracts to which it is a party;
  • correct reported contracts to which it is a party.
Indirect Repository Participant (PUR) – entity which does not report to the Trade Repository, authorised to:
  • access data of derivatives trades to which it is a counterparty;
  • report inconsistencies in reported trades to which it is a counterparty.

Advantages of direct participation in KDPW EMIR Trade Repository (GUR, ZUR and IUR): 
  • direct access to reported data;
  • data modification functionality, without having to use other IT systems, ensuring quality and correctness of data (for no extra fee);
  • support of dedicated highly qualified employees (quick response to reported requests about system access and day-to-day reporting);
  • participation in workshops and training provided by KDPW to reporting participants;
  • access to information abou t amendments of European regulations and ESMA guidelines applicable to trade reporting, regularly provided by KDPW (in a communicative format in Polish and in English).

Other users
Commercial Repository User (KUR):
  • Trade Repository user authorised by a participant to access data of derivatives trades to which the participant is a counterparty, under a confidentiality agreement with KDPW;
  • KUR has access to data of trades of another entity only with the latter’s consent;
  • useful functionality, for instance for investment funds, consultants, advisors.

KDPW EMIR Trade Repository is authorized and regulated by ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority).
The detailed operating rules of EMIR Trade Repository are set out in the Derivatives Trade Repository Rules and
 Rules of access to the IT systems of Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych.
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