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How can National Supervisory Authorities access SFTR Trade Repository data?
1. Please download and fill our application form: Application form for granting access to the SFT Repository's data for the supervisory authority
2. Follow the manual: Data access manual for supervisory authorities

It is worth to contact with us ( to agree the final version of application, before sending signed documents to our Office or email (if the documents are signed with electronic signature).

How to become a KDPW SFTR Trade Repository participant?

Step 1. File an application
If you have read the KDPW SFTR Trade Repository’s offer and regulations and want to use our service, please follow the instructions below to become a SFTR Trade Repository participant:

1. Please download and fill our application form:
Application for conclusion of a participation agreement to obtain the status of trade repository participant for securities financing transactions (template)
Together with the application provide 2 or 3 additional corporate documents:
2. A current valid copy or extract from the relevant corporate register, or where the applicant is not obliged to be entered in the relevant corporate register:
an extract from the business register or other document identifying the applicant;
3. Specimen signature card*
* the requirement to present a specimen signature card applies only to those entities which are not yet KDPW participants and user of any service and, consequently, have never submitted to KDPW a specimen signature card naming its duly authorised representatives or where the content of a submitted specimen signature card needs to be updated
4. Also in a few rare cases: copies of powers of attorney in instances where the legal authority to represent the applicant is not clearly inferred from the document described in the corporate register or extract.

Documents that are not originally in English (or Polish) need to be translated into English (or Polish) by a certified translator, and notarised where applicable.

Generally, once you have prepared the required forms and documents, it is a good idea to send us scanned copies by email for verification and confirmation from our side (
Than you will be able to send the original hard copies by courier mail to the address:
Książęca Street 4
00-498 Warsaw
using a qualified electronic signature to the e-mail address:

Step 2. Sign an agreement
The agreement is signed within 10 business days after filing the application together with all required documents, pursuant to a Resolution of the Management Board of KDPW S.A.
If the filed application or attached documents have to be amended or supplemented, KDPW will request the applicant within 10 business days after filing the application to provide necessary amendments or additional documents. The target agreement date runs as of the date when the applicant submits all required documents which are correct. The participant is configured in the SFTR Trade Repository system pursuant to the aforementioned Resolution of the KDPW Management Board.

Step 3. Single sign-on access to the SFTR Trade Repository
Access to the SFTR Trade Repository application is introduced through a uniform SSO access system, to which links are placed in the Application tab. Each environment PRD, EDU and TST- has a separate link. For details regarding how to access the application, please read SSO user manual

How do I change SFTR participation type?

Depending on the current type of participation, select the appropriate form, fill it out, sign it in accordance with the representation and send it to
Request to CHANGE the authorisations of a trade repository REPORTING participant for securities financing transactions - template
Request to CHANGE the authorisations of a trade repository NON-REPORTING participant for securities financing transactions - template

Additional instructions
U2A - user manual
A2A - Procedure of Handling Certificates
A2A - MQ Configuration Parameters
A Functional Documentation of the SFT Repository system is provided after set up the business relationship with KDPW.
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