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Two test environments are available free of charge in the SFT trade repository service:
  • TST – test environment used to test new functionalities required by planned modifications to the system,
  • EDU* – test environment reflecting the production environment configuration.
* EDU will only be available as soon as the production environment is available.

To enrol in the test, send the completed enrolment form in the body of an email to
SFT trade repository service test enrolment form template

Provide the institution code used by the applicant in the trade repository service to report derivatives trades (EMIR). If the applicant is not an trade repository service participant, request a new institution code. Applicants which are not participants of any KDPW service (such as trade repository, ARM, CSD, Compensation Scheme) should submit the test enrolment form together with the signed agreement concerning the principles of access to the IT system test environment (in two copies signed by the institution).
template of the agreement concerning the principles of access to the IT system test environment

The applicant may request system access after receiving a confirmation of participant configuration in the trade repository test system in a reply email sent from If the applicant selects A2A as the communication channel, the reply email will also include the details of the message queue (MQ) pair.

Applicants using the graphic user interface (U2A) should request access to the service via the portal

For application-to-application (A2A) access, KDPW trade repository will use a single electronic certificate shared by both services (EMIR and SFTR) issued to the same institution code. If the applicant holds no A2A certificate necessary to access the the trade repository for derivatives trades (EMIR) service test environment, a certificate should be downloaded using the dedicate form:
A2A certificate request form
Below you can find procedure for handling A2A certificates and the A2A connection parameters:
Procedure for handling A2A certificates
MQ (A2A) communication configuration

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