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Certification form A2A

Data validation rules for MiFIR transaction data
Availability of KDPW MQ infrastructure

KDPW ARM Messages

Basic XML Messages
List of XML messages introduced by ESMA
Name Description Pdf Schema
auth.016.001.01 used to send a report to the Supervisor and notification from KDPW_ARM to Participants      
auth.031.001.01 identifies a report as correct or identifies errors after validation      
head.001.001.01 header BAH (business application header)      
head.003.001.01 file header     

Full catalogue of ISO 20022 - link to the description of the latest version of global ISO 20022 ISO 20022message definitions

KDPW ARM own xml messages
List of XML messages used to provide additional information
Name Description Pdf Schema
auth.rpt.001.01 auth.016.001.01 report enriched with fields necesssary to send SHORTCODES      
auth.str.001.01 auth.rpt.001.01 status message      
auth.clt.001.01  used to send data of individuals or entities identified with SHORTCODES  auth.clt.001.01 status message      
auth.enr.001.01 enrichment message used to provide additional transaction data not available in the GPW/KDPW systems      
auth.ste.001.01 auth.enr.001.01 status message      

MiFID II MiFIR reporting via KDPW Trade Repository
List of XML messages used by KDPW_TR / MiFIR effective as at 1 November 2017
Name Description Pdf Schema
trar.ins.001.04  Trade Repository report      
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