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20 December 2021
We kindly inform you that today the second stage of GUI ARM implementation has been completed and you can see the changes in application available via portal As part of the implementation, two new functionalities were added, i.e. a form for manual transation data entry and an invoice analytics.
The implementation of the form does not affect the operation of the current reporting channels, therefore it does not require any changes in the currently functioning processes on your side. The form is only an additional option for submitting reports and from today you can use it depending on your needs. Thus, the interfaces to the ARM service have achieved the target model and there are based on the following functionalities:
  • A2A reporting - XML message exchange via MQ
  • U2A reporting via the ARM GUI
    • loading previously prepared XML files;
    • entering report details via the form.
The invoice analytics is a statement of fees that allows you to verify the collected fees with the type of participation and the number of reports provided.
We are developing for you and we believe that new GUI ARM functionalities will meet with your appreciation. We encourage you to read the updated GUI ARM manual.

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