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Implementation of AMI-SeCo standards under SCoRE

KDPW’s implementation of the AMI-SeCo standards on corporate action processing and invoicing is part of the harmonisation under the Single Collateral Management Rulebook for Europe (SCoRE). The standards are being implemented in accordance with the adaptation plans approved by the Ami-SeCo NSG_PL.

In order to implement the AMI-SeCo standards, KDPW has since 2021 been running projects which develop the existing software supporting the exchange on information for the processing of typical corporate actions and the invoicing of KDPW services. The exchange of such information between KDPW and its participants is expected to be handled using ISO 20022 messages. The interface offered by KDPW to issuers of securities, used to handle payments of benefits attached to securities and other corporate actions, will be further developed, as well.

Roll-out date: 20 November 2023.

Implementation of AMI-SeCo standards on the exchange of ISO 20022 messages used in the processing of corporate actions. Specification of requirements. Material for KDPW participants. (version 1.0)
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