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Shareholder identification of non-public companies under the Commercial Companies Code

As of 1 March 2021, according to Article 32813 of Kodeks Spółek Handlowych (the Commercial Companies Code), at the request of non-public companies whose shares are recorded in KDPW or at the request of such companies’ shareholders, entities which manage securities accounts are required to disclose via KDPW the following information:
1) the first name and surname or (company) names, the address of residence or establishment, and the mailing address(es) of company shareholders,
2) the quantity and ISIN of company shares held by each shareholder,
3) the right of pledge or use established on company shares, including the quantity and ISIN of shares subject to such right, and the pledgee or user,
4) identification whether the securities account indicates the pledgee’s or user’s right to exercise the voting right attached to the shares.

In connection with the provisions of Article 32813 of the Commercial Companies Code, on 31 May 2021 KDPW has rolled out a systemic solution supporting the disclosure of shareholder identification of non-public companies.
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