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Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych (KDPW), one of the key institutions of the Polish capital market, has for many years offered a broad range of services as the issuer of identifiers to entities and financial instruments under the ISO standards and the guidelines of The Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA). KDPW is a member of ANNA since 1994 and a numbering agency since 1996.

As a National Numbering Agency (NNA), KDPW is authorised to issue the following identifiers:
  • ISIN - International Securities Identifying Number - ISO 6166,
  • CFI - Classification of Financial Instruments - ISO 10962, 
  • FISN - Financial Instrument Short Name - ISO 18774.

Since 1 July 2017, KDPW issues CFI and FISN together with any ISIN code.

KDPW issues ISIN, CFI and FISN codes of securities registered in the KDPW depository system whenever KDPW registers securities at the request of a KDPW participant holding the participation type status of Issuer.
KDPW issues ISIN, CFI and FISN codes of financial instruments which are not registered in the KDPW depository system under bilateral agreements with applicants. Such agreements lay down requirements concerning documentation, verification, as well as fees for the issuance and maintenance of identifiers.
Since 1 February 2021, KDPW offers an application for the issuance of ISIN codes (together with CFI and FISN) of such securities, which enables operators of shareholder registers to obtain an identifier in order to record financial instruments in their registers. The ISIN Issuance application is available at
About the service

ISIN is the recognised global standard and a unique identifier of financial instruments. It is comprised of twelve characters including: 

  • a prefix, which is the alpha-2 country code specified in ISO 3166;
  • the basic number – nine alphanumeric characters;
  • a check digit calculated using the modulus 10 formula under ISO 6166.


Participants of the global capital market using ISIN codes may not be able to identify the type of instrument quickly, which is why a single standard is used for the classification of financial instruments: CFI and FISN.

is the classification code of financial instruments. It is composed of six alphabetic characters. The first character stands for the category of financial instruments, the second character for the group in the category, and the last four characters for the key attributes of the group.

contains no more than 35 alphanumeric characters including:

  • an issuer name with a maximum length of 15 alphanumeric characters;
  • an “/” as the delimiter between issuer name and instrument description;
  • an instrument description with a maximum length of 19 alphanumeric characters.

KDPW acting as NNA reports on a daily basis to the ASB (ANNA Service Bureau), the international information exchange for ISIN, CFI and FISN codes.

The application and types of identifiers of financial instruments are designed to provide single standards on the international financial market necessary to support a broad range of securities operations including reporting, confirmations, clearing services and bank reporting.


Information about the ISIN, CFI and FISN codes issued by KDPW can be found at the following links:

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