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On 14 January 2012, the National Depository for Securities received the high-rank WEKTOR 2011 award for perfect operation and supervision of the depository-settlement system for two decades and a robust growth strategy addressing challenges. KDPW CEO and President Iwona Sroka collected the award on behalf of the company.
“I am honoured to receive this prize, so valuable to the National Depository for Securities and to myself personally. It is a real crowning of the work we have done to improve the quality of the Polish capital market infrastructure. A crowing of our work and the work of all institutions and companies in our environment without whose contribution it would never have been possible,” said Iwona Sroka. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank our shareholders – the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the National Bank of Poland, the State Treasury – for their active support for the implementation of our growth strategy,” added KDPW CEO and President.
Wektor awards are presented by the Employers of Poland since 2002 for efforts which bring special benefits to the Polish economy and for creating a climate fostering greater entrepreneurship. The awards go to prominent personalities – entrepreneurs, politicians, journalists, as well as companies and institutions which can serve as a model for others. For more information visit,822,wektory-2011-wreczone.html


Foto  1:
Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, Chairman, Economic Council to the Prime Minister; Iwona Sroka, CEO and President, KDPW; Andrzej Malinowski, President, Employers of Poland
Foto 1.jpg
Foto 2:
WEKTOR 2011 winners
Foto 2.jpg
Foto 3:
Iwona Sroka, CEO and President, KDPW


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