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International Success of KDPW IT Developers

Buy-in reporting messages developed by KDPW have been successfully approved by ISO20022. As the first messages ever to be registered, they set the buy-in reporting standard, developed from scratch on the initiative of KDPW in ISO20022. The standard defined by KDPW and approved by ISO20022 will apply internationally.
The ISO20022 registration followed a complex process including an application, justification, documentation, gathering support, and consultations with international institutions and organisations including SWIFT, SMPG, Keler, Euroclear, National Bank of Belgium, VP Securities; ISO20022 Registration Management Group, ISO200222 Registration Authority, ISO20022 CSDR Evaluation Team and ISO20022 Standards Evaluation Group.
The messages will also be available in the SWIFT network as of the next Standard Release scheduled in November 2021.
KDPW processes ISO20022 settlement messages in addition to proprietary XML messages and SWIFT ISO15022 messages since 2017. The list of supported ISO20022 messages is steadily growing.
KDPW will implement the buy-in reporting ISO20022 messages in the second phase of alignment with the CSDR settlement discipline requirements in February 2022.
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