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Automated ISIN Issuance Application Facilitates Mandatory Dematerialisation of Shares

On 1 February, KDPW will launch an application for automated issuance of ISIN codes (together with CFI and FISN codes), enabling operators of shareholder registers to obtain codes immediately in order to record financial instruments under such identifiers in their registers. The application will be available on the KDPW Group Service Portal.

The new automated service will offer great convenience to participants of the Polish financial market, especially in the context of the obligation imposed on joint-stock companies and limited joint-stock companies under an amendment of the Commercial Companies Code to dematerialise financial instruments (shares, subscription warrants, holding certificates, founder certificates, profit sharing, assets distribution sharing) in registers of shareholders of non-public companies operated by authorised entities. KDPW’s offer helps them to identify dematerialised instruments in a unique and standardised way.

The dedicated application replaces the existing model of manual issuance of ISINs for non-public instruments which required bilateral agreements. The process will now be executed end-to-end on the website which features an interface for users to apply for ISIN codes. ISIN, CFI and FISN identifiers of financial instruments will be issued automatically.
The service is provided for a fee. Fees vary depending on whether or not issuers hold an LEI. This is because KDPW will run additional checks of issuers holding no LEI.

Fees charged to issuers holding an LEI::
  • issuance of ISIN, CFI, FISN codes: PLN 180 net;
  • maintenance of ISIN, CFI, FISN codes: PLN 120 net.

Fees charged to issuers holding no LEI:
  • issuance of ISIN, CFI, FISN codes: PLN 400 net;
  • maintenance of ISIN, CFI, FISN codes: PLN 200 net.

The KDPW Group continuously works to expand the communication options available to clients via the web interface KDPW Group Service Portal. Launched in July 2019, the communication channel (available at is dedicated to KDPW participants, KDPW_CCP participants, as well as clients who use other KDPW Group services.
For more information about ISIN, CFI and FISN identifiers issued by KDPW, visit: Nadawanie kodów ISIN, CFI, FISN
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