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Cyber security rules

Given the crucial importance of information systems to the daily functioning of all financial market participants, we kindly remind you of the following rules on cyber security:

1. Do not open attachments from untrusted sources and do not click on suspicious links.
2. Check website addresses and certificates carefully, especially those website where credentials are entered (login, password).
3. Keep hardware and software updated in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
4. Do not plug in external data carriers if their source is uncertain.
5. System passwords should be as difficult as possible to guess:
  • passwords should be a sufficiently long combination of upper and lower case letters, digits, and special characters,
  • passwords should be changed regularly,
  • do not use same password in different services and systems.
6. Read displayed messages carefully and do not accept them in haste.
7. Do not share your credentials (logins, passwords) with anyone and do not save them in places where they can be accessed by unauthorised persons.
8. Follow the principle of limited trust in public Wi-Fi networks, avoid the use of such networks when entering credentials (login, password).
9. Always log off from a service or system before leaving the computer.
10. Take responsible care of your privacy: 
  • use social networking sites prudently
  • be especially careful with data whose disclosure could be used for identity theft or to gain unauthorised access to funds and financial operations.
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