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Court of Arbitration

Civil law disputes concerning property rights between the Company and Depository Participants and those between Depository Participants, which relate to the scope of the Company's operations, shall be resolved by the Court of Arbitration at the National Depository for Securities. The Court of Arbitration consists of 10 arbitrators elected by the General Meeting for a term of three years.

The term of arbitrators of the Court of Arbitration ends at the time of an ordinary General Meeting. The Court of Arbitration passes decisions as a bench of three arbitrators. Each of the Parties may appoint one arbitrator. There shall be no appeals against decisions of the Court of Arbitration.

Rules of the Court of Arbitration of the Central Securities Depository of Poland (KDPW)


Adjudicators at the KDPW Court of Arbitration:


Prof. Marek Michalski, Ph. D. - President of the Court of Arbitration
Lech Skrzynecki - Deputy President of the Court of Arbitration

Judges of the Court of Arbitration:
Jacek Cieplak
Paweł Gładysz, Ph. D.
Norbert Jeziolowicz
Edyta Juszczyńska
Marcin Marczuk
Danuta Pajewska
Małgorzata Paszkiewicz
Marek Wodnicki
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