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KDPW maintains link arrangements with other European central securities depositories in order to register and settle in its system foreign securities listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The technical registration of these securities in the KDPW system takes place on the basis of FOP transfers of securities from the accounts of participants of the foreign CSD onto the KDPW account in this CSD and then onto KDPW participant accounts. A similar process is used for technical deregistration of these securities from the KDPW system.

KDPW opens links to other CSDs directly or via an intermediary (custodian bank). For each link, KDPW has opened an omnibus account in the other CSD system, where the foreign securities maintained in the KDPW system for our participants are registered.

For the securities covered by links, registered in our system, KDPW supports corporate actions processing, including general meetings and tax servicing related to payment of entitlements from securities, on the basis of information received from the linked CSDs.

KDPW uses international open procedures and communication standards for messages and reference data in all the links. KDPW communicates with foreign CSDs and intermediary banks via SWIFT.

Clearstream Banking Luxembourg
Euroclear Bank
Nasdaq CSD

The following links contain documents and information on operational aspects of KDPW’s cross border connections with foreign depositories:
Securities for which KDPW is investor CSD
Dividend processing
General meetings processing
Cross-border transfers

The following links contain documents and information on foreign securities registered in KDPW:
Securities for which KDPW is issuer CSD
Dividend processing

On the following pages you can find information on operational issues related to the processing of foreign securities registered in KDPW:
Cross borders requirements
Settlement deadlines

KDPW participants interested in additional information on KDPW links with foreign CSDs, including their legal aspects, are invited to contact us at:

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