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Development of the KDPW Data Portal: New Reports and Fees for Selected Data
The KDPW Data Portal was launched on 3 February 2021 and is available at The new service has been designed with a view to gradual replacement of the legacy statistics presentation system with a product offering higher quality and new functionalities.
From the very beginning, KDPW has announced further development of the portal in subsequent phases. The implementation of the second phase has just started.
3 February 2021: Phase 1 of the project – free reports
In the first phase of the project, KDPW made available the following reports:
  • Number and value of operations (settlement instructions) recorded in KDPW.
  • Number of KDPW (CSD) participants by type of activity.
  • Capitalisation of financial instruments recorded in KDPW by instrument group.
  • List of financial instruments recorded or numbered in KDPW.
  • Number and value of transactions cleared in KDPW_CCP (organised market).
  • List of derivatives recorded in KDPW_CCP.
  • Number of clearing and non-clearing members of KDPW_CCP.
In the Data Portal, such statistics (reports) are and will remain available as a free report package.
22 November 2021: Phase 2 of the project – paid reports made available free of charge. A pilot project was initiated on 22 November 2021 where future paid reports are available free of charge. For this purpose, seven new reports were put in a non-paid data package.
The scope of information in the paid service includes:
  • Report 1: Financial instruments recorded in KDPW_CCP.
  • Report 2: Financial instruments recorded or numbered in KDPW.
  • Report 3: Counterparties and their data including LEI, NIP, REGON of the entity.
  • Report 4: Financial instruments admitted to/excluded from KDPW.
  • Report 5: Capitalisation of financial instruments registered on accounts of KDPW participants (by type of participant).
  • Report 6: KDPW participants and issuers.
  • Report 7: Corporate events/takeovers of financial instruments recorded in KDPW.
Ultimately, paid reference data and statistics will be split into reports grouped into thematic blocks known as packages. The types of packages and the scope of data (reports) presented in the packages will be subject to modifications in the future depending on the business case of the service.
Allocation of reports to packages

The data in individual reports will be updated regularly, at the end of day, according to changing data in the systems and databases of KDPW and KDPW_CCP.
During the pilot project, all reference data and statistics are available using manual forms. It is possible in that period to discover in practice the scope of information and the technical solutions of the new paid service.
3 January 2022: Phase 3 – sale of paid reports
The packages referred to above will be offered as of 3 January 2022 and the package dedicated to the pilot project will be closed as of 10 January 2022. As a result, subscriptions for the paid service may be ordered as of the first business day of 2022 to ensure continued access to data provided in paid reports.
NOTE: Reports made available in Phase 1 will continue to be provided free of charge.
Fees for access to data will depend on:
  • the number of packages purchased in the subscription,
  • the number of users, including administrators who are users, where customers can purchase packages for the following numbers of users:
    • up to 3 users (minimum required access),
    • up to 10 users,
    • up to 50 users.
  • purchase of API access,
  • the billing period for which the subscription is purchased, which may be either one month or one year.
Fees for report packages and access to the service (net of VAT)

For more information, visit our website: