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Transfer within KDPW TR

Procedure for transfers of active trades within KDPW TR (internal transfer only for EMIR)

An internal transfer is a transfer of active trades between KDPW TR reporting participants (holding different TR communication identifiers). An internal transfer may only be performed in order to comply with the obligations arising from the delegation of the OTC trade reporting obligation from an NFC- to an FC.
Porting only covers the latest trade state of reported active transactions, i.e., transactions before the eligibility date with no report AT = “E”, “C”, “P” or “Z”. Historical data may be transferred only at the request of the client.

1. The entity requesting the transfer completes the Internal Transfer Request Form. The participant only completes the green fields in the Request Form.
2. The participant requesting the transfer may deliver the Request Form in electronic format without required signatures to; as a result, KDPW TR may start to prepare the transfer. To make sure that the transfer is performed at the date expected by the participant, the Request Form should be sent to at least 4 weeks before the expected transfer date.
3. KDPW TR arranges to perform the transfer at a weekend taking into account the expectations of the participant requesting the transfer and the technical capacity of KDPW TR.
4. The final version of the Request Form should be signed by the company’s duly authorised representatives and delivered to KDPW or signed with a qualified electronic signature and sent to: The Request Form should also be signed by the NFC-. The signed documents should be delivered in the original counterpart to KDPW on or before the transfer date. If duly signed documents are not delivered on or before the transfer date, KDPW TR will not perform the transfer.
5. Only those trades are transferred which are specified in the final version of the Request Form delivered to KDPW TR.
6. KDPW TR notifies both participants of a successful transfer immediately when the transfer is completed.
7. Modifications of transferred trades may be reported by the new participant starting on the Monday following the transfer date.
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